How to Hire Movers for Cheap Rates

16 November 2015
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Are you excited about the idea of your upcoming move but not thrilled about doing the physical work of moving everything you own to your new home? Not only is the physical work something that can be concerning to you, but having to rent and drive a large moving truck that you are not experienced with can also be stressful. Instead of making your move a complicated process, you may find it best to use a moving service. Though the thought of hiring movers may seem pricey, they can definitely be affordable, especially if you do the following:

Hire During the Weekday

Moving companies will be busier during the weekend time slots, which means they are likely going to increase their rates during this time. This is because more people have the day off from their jobs, which makes this the best day for them to move. Instead, you may want to consider moving after work or take a day off to hire your movers. This will allow you to receive cheaper rates, which can help tremendously.

Prepare Your Belongings for Your Movers

Not only is it important to organize and label your boxes before your movers arrive, but it can be extremely helpful to bring everything you want to have moved to the front of your home. This can eliminate the amount of time that it takes for your movers to grab a box and load it onto the moving truck, which can cut the labor time and lead to you paying less for your movers.

Avoid Relying On Your Movers for Everything

There's a great chance that you have friends that can help you bring small and lightweight items to your new home. If you do, you should definitely take advantage of their help and move as much as you can on your own as possible. This will eliminate the amount of movers and the time it takes for your movers to complete your move, which will help you save a great amount of money on labor rates. Though having your movers do all the moving may be more ideal, this method can definitely save you more money than you think, which is why you'll want to take advantage of it.

Taking advantage of these tips won't only lead to a better and positive moving experience, but they will also allow you to receive the professional services that you need without having to pay too much on your moving services. Contact a representative from a service like Bell Moving & Storage for further details.