Three Security Tips For Securing Your Storage Unit

30 November 2015
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Storage units are highly susceptible to theft because people have access to them without the worry of someone being around. Of course, there is less of a chance of theft if you choose a facility that offers 24 hour surveillance and a security guard. However, you should take measures into your own hands for additional protection, as well. Here are three security tips that can help you secure your storage unit properly.

Choose the Right Lock

If your storage facility requires that you provide your own lock for your unit, then you will want to be sure that you choose a disc lock. Your facility may even require that this is the type of lock that you use. The reason a disc lock is the best option is because a disc lock cannot be cut with a bolt cutter, which is something thieves typically use when trying to steal from storage units. You should take extra precaution and choose a disc lock that has an anti-pick mechanism inside of it, as well since thieves are also likely to carry a special picking device with them. 

Hide Your Storage Unit Information

All information about your storage unit should be kept hidden securely in your home. If someone were to find information about what you have stored in the unit as well as where the unit is located, there is a high chance of theft. If your storage facility also requires a keycard, then that keycard should be kept at home whenever you are not using it so that it cannot easily be stolen from your wallet or car. Be sure to shred information about your storage unit before disposing as well. 

Regularly Check on Unit

On a regular basis, you should be checking on your unit even if you don't need to take anything out of it or put anything in. This gives you the opportunity to be sure that the lock is still secure, your items are still there and not stolen or damaged, and you can speak with your storage facility representatives and let them know of any contact info changes. This will ensure that all paperwork is being sent to the right address and is not susceptible to being sent to the wrong hands. 

By knowing some of these security tips for keeping your storage unit secure, you can be sure that you continue to feel safe leaving whatever possessions you need to in the storage unit for a long period of time. For more information, talk to a professional like Santa Monica Mini Storage.