Your Very Own Christmas Stash House – Your Local Storage Unit

1 December 2015
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Ah, Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year. A time when parents run frantically trying to fulfill the wish lists of their little ones and find a place to keep those gifts hidden until Christmas morning. A time when kids snoop desperately trying to find the gifts that they know their parents have hidden.

So, how can you keep those packages a secret until the big unveiling Christmas morning? Well, one way is not to keep them in the house – your kids will never find them in the storage units up the street. Below, you will find a few tips to make your Christmas storage unit more affordable and beneficial.

Choose the Unit

Find a unit that is close to home, large enough to fit your packages and is climate-controlled. Batteries and some other items shouldn't be allowed to drop below freezing temperatures. Choosing one that is close to home will help you sneak off to get things done when you have a little time to yourself and having enough space will make it easier to stay organized.

Invest with Friends or Family

Surely you're not the only one having issues with snooping kids. Find some friends or family members that live nearby that could split the cost of the storage unit with you. The more people you can get to pitch in on the Christmas stash spot, the less it will cost all of you.

Wrap in the Unit

Instead of trying to find a way to get those presents wrapped at home, set up a table and take your wrapping supplies to the storage unit. This will give you a place that is quiet and protected from wandering eyes to get all of the wrapping done. Not only can you get more done without distractions, but you don't have to worry about a child busting through the door as you are quickly trying to get their gifts wrapped or leaving scraps around for the younger Santa believers to find.

After the Holidays

After the holidays have passed, you are left with a bunch of decorations and things that won't be used again until next year. Instead of struggling to shove them back up into your attic, take them to the storage unit. This not only makes it easier for you to put things away, but it will protect everything from the extreme temperatures in your attic and keep it all in good condition for much longer.

The storage unit can be used to store items that you find throughout the year for next Christmas. This way, if you find a good deal on the things you know your kids will love, you have somewhere safe to stash it until Christmas.