Moving To A New State With A Pet In Tow

10 December 2015
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If you are planning on moving across the country, and you have a cat or dog going along for the ride, you will want to take precautionary steps in how you handle their transport so they remain safe. Here are some tips to use when a pet is accompanying you to a new home across the country.

Be Aware Of Laws

Most states have laws in place regarding the transport of pets over state lines. Contact the state veterinarian in the capitol city of the state you are moving to well in advance of moving day. They will send you paperwork to fill out about each of your pets and may require certain shots or documentation. This gives you time to see your pet's veterinarian to obtain this information in time. One law in place if driving to your new home is that pets are not allowed to ride in the cargo area of a moving truck or van. Transport them via your personal vehicle instead.

See A Veterinarian

In addition to state paperwork, your pet should be looked over by a veterinarian to make sure they are healthy enough for the trip. If you are planning on shipping pets via air travel, a clean bill of health will be required. Obtain any paperwork necessary for shipping to prove your pets do not pose a health risk to others if this is the method of travel you have selected. Some dogs and cats frighten easily when in a strange location. Ask your veterinarian for a sedative for your pet if you fear they may run off due to fear. This can help them relax during the ride instead of suffering with anxiety.

Pack The Essentials

You will need to pack the comforts of home to bring along with you so your dog or cat will not have too much of a shock while traveling. They will fare best inside a portable kennel. If you are traveling by vehicle, this can be brought to any hotel room that allows pets as well. Bring along two pet dishes (one for water and one for food), a soft blanket and some familiar toys. If you are traveling with a cat, be prepared to clean out their kennel when they eliminate. You will want to pack some garbage bags, paper towels, and a disinfectant for these times. Bring a long a collar or harness and a leash for times you take your pet out of the vehicle.

Watch Placement Of Belongings

Many people will have items in their vehicle to bring to their new home. Even if they fill a large moving van or ship items via mail, there is bound to be extras that need to go for the ride. Make sure these items are kept away from your pet's kennel so there are no unfortunate mishaps if you need to brake suddenly. If your pet's carrier is on the floor, do not stack boxes on the seat behind them in case they topple over, possible injuring an appendage that is sticking out of a hole in the kennel. If you place the kennel on a vehicle seat, put boxes on the floor so the kennel does not fall a long distance if it shifts off the seat. It is a good idea to secure the kennel with a bungee cord or packing strap.

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