Top Tips To Have A Great Long-Distance Move

15 December 2015
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Moving across country is stressful. You'll have many pieces to juggle to make sure all of your possessions arrive at their destination in one piece. The more prepared you are for moving day, the better your experience will be. Here are some of the top tips to help you have a smooth long-distance move.

Declutter Before You Move

Remember the bowling ball that's been in the closet unused for the past 16 years? Do you really want to have the moving company pack and move that to your new home? Walk through the house and throw out or donate items. Mark items for a garage sale. Get rid as much as you can before you move so you don't clutter up your new home.

Clearly Mark Packing Boxes

A box marked "Housewares" means little when you have a dozen such boxes to look through to find the bed linen when you get to the new house. Number each box and keep a separate sheet that says what's in the boxes or tape a card to each box with the list of items.

Pack a Box with Day One Necessities

Make a list of items that you'll need when you first walk into the new home so you won't have to search through other boxes to find the bare necessities. The list of items will include:

  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • soap
  • coffee maker, filters, coffee and cups
  • snacks
  • can opener
  • paper plates and plastic utensils
  • cleaning supplies

Add whatever items you'll want easy access to on the first day. In big, clear letters, mark the box "Necessities - LOAD LAST - UNLOAD FIRST!"

Exchange Contact Information

Get the moving van foreman's phone number and an alternate number if he can't be reached. Get the route that the foreman will take with your items and where they will stop for the night. Give them your phone numbers and itinerary in case they need to update you along the way.

Treat Your Movers Well

The people at moving and storage services work hard and appreciate little tokens of appreciation. Buy them a case of cold water and have some snacks like peanuts available on moving day. Keep the restroom stocked and available while they are loading the truck. Be available to answer questions and help with boxes, if needed.

While it's not expected, if your movers do a good job, do tip them. They are in charge of your worldly possessions. One suggested tip amount is 5% of the cost of the move. Get cash out ahead of time in $5 increments. Give the total amount to the foreman to distribute. He may have new and experienced people on his team and this gives him the ability to adjust the tip to each mover's contribution.

For more information and tips, contact local moving companies, such as Walsh Moving & Storage.