3 Excellent Reasons To Place Your Piano In A Designated Piano Storage Facility

17 December 2015
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If you need to store your piano outside of your home for a time, then a piano storage facility is an excellent option. They have the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure that your piano is well cared for. They also offer some extra services if you are interested. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to place your piano in a designated piano storage facility. 

Your Piano Will Be In A Clean And Temperature Controlled Environment 

Storing your piano can sometimes be a scary thing because you worry that it may get damaged from being in a location that is either too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dirty. However, many piano storage facilities take care of this problem by using climate control. They make sure that your piano stays in a location that keeps it at the proper temperature year-round, and they also control the humidity in the storage location as well. Dust and dirt will also be a non-issue because your piano will be carefully wrapped in a special piano blanket and the location will be dusted and cleaned regularly. 

They Can Repair and/or Restore Your Piano While It Is Being Stored 

The best time to get your piano repaired or restored is when it is in storage. This is a time when you aren't using it, and it would otherwise just be sitting there doing nothing. Many storage facilities have piano repair workers that can work with you to either restore your piano to the look that you would like, or get your piano working properly for you once again. As soon as the piano is repaired or restored, it will then be stored in a clean and climate-controlled location with the other pianos. 

Most Offer Pick Up And Delivery

It is no secret that moving a piano can be quite difficult. The process of getting it out of your home, loaded and attached to the proper vehicle, and then hauled safely to a location to be stored isn't an easy one, and must be don't carefully and correctly. If you choose to have your piano stored at a piano storage facility then they will send piano movers to your home to pick up and load your piano for you. They will bring plenty of movers to move the actual piano, as well as a moving truck with the proper piano restraints. Your doors may need to be removed in order to get the piano out safely, but the piano movers will be there to help with the entire process.  For more information about piano moving and storage, contact a business such as Extreme Piano Moving