Making Moving Easy With Kids With Simple Supply Rules Every Parent Should Know

22 December 2015
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Moving is by far one of the more challenging tasks to have to face, but throw a few kids into the mix and you have an all out grueling job at hand. Not only are you left with packing up your life and moving it to a new home, you have to keep the kids content and entertained in the process. Even though moving with children is a difficult thing, you can make the job a lot easier if you are properly prepared. There is a simple ABC rule set about moving supplies to keep in mind that will help you out more than you can possibly imagine during the move. 

Always get extra boxes, big ones. 

It is no big secret that you are going to need a houseful of boxes to gather up all of your belongings, but one thing you may not catch onto until you start packing is the fact that kids love boxes, especially big boxes. To save yourself a little stress of little ones tearing up the boxes you have on hand, make sure you grab a few extra and designate them as "play boxes" for the kids. Your little ones can spend their time pretending to have their own house, playing hide-and-seek, and doing all those imaginative things while you are busy packing. 

Be sure to make use of colorful packing supplies. 

Colorful moving and packing supplies like markers, stickers, and even plastic totes can help keep your kids involved when you are packing and could use a few little hands to help out. With colorful, kid-friendly supplies on hand, the children will be more interested in actually helping. Use fun tactics, such as allowing the kids to decorate the boxes from their room after they are packed, to encourage them to actually get some work accomplished. 

Carefully choose box filler material.

When you are in the process of packing the breakables that you have in the house, be really careful about the filler material you use when you have kids around. Packing peanuts are great for creating a soft place for glass items, but little ones will likely make you crazy grabbing handfuls to play with and these are also a potential choking hazard for smaller children. Even bubble wrap is awfully attractive to youngsters with busy hands and the constant popping may be enough to frazzle your nerves amid the workload. Make sure you carefully consider the type of  filler material you use and opt for something that will be less of a problem, such as recyclable paper.  Contact a local moving supply provider, like Route 37 Self-Storage, for more help.