5 Ways Your Store Can Use Plastic Storage Bins This Winter

27 January 2016
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Heavy duty plastic storage bins provide stores with convenient storage solutions that can help keep operations running smoothly overall. Below are 5 ways that plastic storage bins can help make your business better and more efficient this winter.

Convenient Sand and Salt Containers

Is your business sanding or salting your sidewalks regularly to prevent outdoor walkways from becoming a hazard? If so, then you know that ice can build up quickly. The best way to stay on top of the problem is to spread de-icing salt and sand regularly throughout the day, especially as winter storms begin to develop. To encourage your employees to address these issues in a timely manner, keep a plastic storage bin of de-icing salt and a separate storage bin of coarse sand near entrances. Use bins that are large enough to hold a shovel that employees can grab when it's time to tend the sidewalks. Doing this will help ensure that your employees are able to keep up with the changing conditions outside.

Umbrella Holders

Water that dribbles from folded umbrellas can create a slipping hazard inside the entrances to your establishment. To prevent this from becoming a problem, provide a tall, upright plastic storage bin where customers and employees can store umbrellas on rainy days, and surround the floor around the bins with mats. This will help keep the rainwater confined to one area of your store.

Holiday Decorations

Winter is a time when many businesses place seasonal decorations on the walls and floors of their stores. When it's time to clean up, it's important to have a safe, dry place to put those decorations. Stackable plastic storage bins will give you a place where you can put the decorations in an out-of-the-way, safe location.

New Year Inventory

If your business does an inventory at the beginning of the new year, you'll need a portable bin where you can store your inventory tools, barcode scanners, clipboards with paper and tablet computers. Having all those tools in one easy to reach place ensures that your employees can simply grab the plastic bins and take them on a cart around your store.

Fertilizer for Landscaping

If your store does its own landscaping during the growing season, plastic storage bins with matching lids provide you with a safe, dry place where you can store your fertilizer. Because fertilizer is water soluble, it's important to keep it in a location where winter snow melt can't reach it if there's a leak.

Plastic storage bins provide businesses with durable, stackable storage solutions all year long. For more information about how heavy duty plastic storage bins can help your business this winter, contact a local plastic storage bin provider.